Chad & Heather

Meet Coach Heather

What Inspired Me To Become A Nutrition Coach

After completing my Bachelor of Science in Nursing and working as a Critical Care Registered Nurse (Trauma Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Department) over the last 11 years, along with enduring my own personal struggles with fitness, I discovered a new direction that I wanted to take my life. I want to guide others to feel stronger and healthier. I understand what it means to be confused and frustrated. And as a mom, wife, and professional, I also understand how difficult it is to juggle family, business, and personal responsibilities.

My Approach

  • A personalized solution that works for you, because one size does not fit all
  • Compassionate guidance and careful listening
  • Understanding of balance – Balance maintains your energy and mood levels, releases you from cravings, and is at the heart of wellness and longevity. Balance in your life also creates the space for prioritizing health, valuing the importance of self care, and brings excitement back to all parts of your life-work, family, relationships, children, etc.
  • Quality and strategic supplementation – I believe in the power of food, however supplementation can assist your body. I can provide suggestions, so that you know that the products you are taking are of high quality and value.
  • Practical and realistic approach to making healthy changes – Whether that is through guidance in planning and preparing meals, grocery shopping, or making sense of eating out-I will meet you where you are in the process.

My passion and dedication to fitness and nutrition will inspire you to commit to your goals. Contact me today to start your journey.

Meet Coach Chad

What Inspired Me To Become A Fitness Coach

Long story short – I grew up being the skinny kid and no matter what I tried I couldn’t put on muscle. Weightlifting was a big portion of my life back then, always trying to play catch up to my buddies who always seemed to be stronger than me.  After serving as a Police Officer for over 20 years I found my true passion in helping people, while fitness always remained in the background of who I truly was. The unfortunate reality is that times when people needed my help the most weren’t always the best times in that person’s life. In 2011 Heather and I began serving people in another way.  Helping others become healthy though nutrition and supplementation.  We saw people achieving the most rewarding thing of their life,  Better Health! It was then that I realized my true passion and in 2018 became an ISSA-Certified Fitness Trainer.

My Approach

  • Personalized programming, designed around you and your goals.
  • Science based, practical application of the latest tools to help you achieve success
  • Resistance based training with a focus on body composition change, not focusing on that number on the scale. True health means having muscle tone and a reduction in fat storage by increasing your resting metabolic rate
  • High Intensity Interval Training to maximize calorie burn in a short amount of time and increase your metabolism for hours after the exercise
  • Strategically implemented Low Intensity Steady State Training to increase cardiovascular health and provide additional calorie expenditure

You name it – I’ve tried it, I’ve studied it, and I’ve accepted it all as a part of the puzzle to optimizing your body – they all play a part in this and hold value, what method is best really just depends on the individual and the goals at hand.