This couple has been a gift to both my husband and I. We still remember the consult at Starbucks that was over two hours In length, which we appreciated beyond words. Prior to this meeting, I have seen many different health professionals, but was never given this much time, patience and true desire to understand my journey and then develop a game plan specific to MY BODY. Not only do Chad and Heather focus on the obvious, health and fitness, but overall well-being. It was at our first consult that Chad and Heather determined that not only eating more and training different would be crucial for my success, but also stress management. The two of them began guiding me through everything from that moment on. I am learning the importance of balance, stress management, and proper fuel and training for my body.

ETI Fitness develops a plan specific to the individual, which is truly one-of-a-kind. The last health professional that I saw advised me to “just gain some weight… back off the working out a little… and see a nutritionist if needed.” Believe it or not, gaining weight is just as hard as losing weight… but not with these two on your side! ETI Fitness provided and consistently changed my nutrition and fitness plans to meet my needs and ensure we were on track with our goals. Key word: MY wellness plan; not a generalized recommendation that probably would have been given otherwise! Moreover, these two answer questions and provide support throughout the journey… even at unusual times! That’s right, even at the crack of dawn when training fits my schedule I am able to get feedback. I can’t thank these two enough for their service. It’s evident how much they care about their clients’ success, and I sure wish I would have began working with them sooner in my health journey! Book the consult… you will be glad you did!