Celebrating One year today. July 7th, 2020. Thank you ETI Fitness!! Chad and Heather you are the greatest! I am so glad to have both of you with me on this slow but sure path, encouraging me along the way and celebrating each of my goals with me. I am so blessed that I was introduced to you by my niece Candie and to have you both in my life!

For anyone out there wanting to set a goal whether it  be weight loss or muscle toning, Heather and Chad are there for you and will get you going in the right direction. I’ve always believed that long term weight loss is far better than fast. This is why I chose Heather to educate me on what I should eat along with portion size. Believe me there were many bad days of what I put in my mouth. However now I am more mindful of the nutritional value of food which she has taught me. Chad also has trained me by showing me some different exercises to do and has shared some amazing recipes as well. He has always inspired me to reach my goal.

I am no spring chicken, but I had a goal, and now have another goal. With ETI Fitness and their IDLife products I will get there. You can do it as well ,no matter what your age is! I am so proud to be part of their team!!  Thank you so much Heather and Chad!