Melissa S.

Working with ETI =’s Success (if you trust the process).

I began working with Chad and Heather in November of 2020 not because I wanted to loose weight but because my partner and I were going to be hunting mule deer in October of 2021. Just he and I, camping and hunting on public land for a solid week with the assistance of nobody. Knowing I got winded and my arm sore after caring a loaded shotgun when bird hunting I knew I needed to up my strength to withstand hiking the great terrain of Colorado while packing out meat. I am no stranger to the gym nor following a certain food regimen but regardless of how hard I tried to do it on my own I kept missing the mark on getting my body and mental game in state to handle whatever life threw my way. Insert Chad and Heather to the rescue.

Never in my life have I received such responsive, encouraging, and honest wellness coaching. Sure my body composition has changed dramatically this past year but more importantly my self confidence has shot through the roof. In addition, my healthy habits have stuck and it’s spilling over into the lives of others I love so much (ie: my boyfriend and godmother). As a girl who if I dig deep enough can pull out my fat girl complex mentality I am no longer obsessed with the number on the scale but rather getting my body composition to a state that achieves what I consider optimal health. Optimal to me means a body composition that supports my mind, body, and soul.

Working with Chad & Heather is an investment in yourself because at the end of the day before you can take care of others you must take care of yourself. I encourage to work with them not for a quick weight loss but for an entire new approach on life.