What a fun morning and an honor to be part of this photoshoot. As I approach my 51st birthday I have spent a lot of time reflecting on where I’ve been and how far I have come on so many levels of life. For years I have battled the “I’m not good enough” thought train. I have worked very hard using many tools to rid myself of the negative self-talk. I began pushing myself outside my comfort zone and I have learned there is nothing I can’t do once I set my mind to doing it. I have always been passionate about health & wellness in general and have enjoyed the rush I get leaving life at the door of the gym and using exercise as a way to let go of the daily stresses. Weightlifting was always the piece I would shy away from (as many women tend to do) and especially at the age of 50. So many reasons came fluttering into my head as to why I couldn’t or shouldn’t do this. But I also felt stuck in my workouts and my fitness level. Never did I think I would enjoy the challenge as much as I do, including the empowered feeling I get of beating my goals and moving toward the next level.

Pushing myself in a variety of ways has allowed me to become the best version of myself…these photos represent one aspect of that version which I am very proud of. I encourage each you to challenge yourself, stretch yourself outside your comfort zone, and reach for your dreams.

Thank you to Chad & Heather of ETI Fitness for sharing their knowledge and passion of nutrition and fitness by helping me set and achieve my own personal goals. They work with you each step of the way, assisting you to overcome challenges, support your journey & celebrate your successes. They are amazing at meeting you where you are at. They completely understand that each person has an individual goal and they work hard to understand what that goal is for you & then create a plan around it. I highly recommend anyone looking to create change in their personal healthy journey to sit down & talk with Chad and Heather.