Samantha “IRONMAN”

I’ve always been very athletic growing up playing sports in high school and college. After college I starting getting in triathlons, and eventually signing up and finishing my first Ironman in 2018. Fast forward to 4 years later, with 2 kiddos in the picture now. I wanted to get back into shape, tone up, and finish an Ironman again. I wanted to prove to myself I could still do it, and get my body back after having 2 kids.

I had a coworker working with Chad and Heather, who had great results. After planting that seed, I reached out to Chad and Heater for help. The gym was nothing new to me, I could get in shape but I was never really getting the results that I wanted. So, I figured I’d give this a try.

Chad and Heather where so excited to help me reach my goals:

  1. Finish Ironman Wisconsin 2022-which I knew training was going to be different with the kiddos, and working full time, I needed to make the most of my time.
  2. Tone up- I was ready to get my body back and, loose extra fat.

Chad and Heather put together a get strengthen training and nutrient plan for me to follow, I just filled in the cardio portion. Keeping track of my macro’s was very new to me (I thought Heather was crazy. How am I ever going to be able to keep track of everything I eat?!?!), it’s hard but does get easier, I promise 😊. I never knew how much protein, carbs, fat’s I was consuming, even though I thought I ate healthy and was getting what I needed; I was so wrong. After keeping track of my macros for just a couple weeks I could already see a difference in my energy levels. Heather did an amazing job adjusting my macros here and there with the long training days, and when race day was approaching. Keeping up with my macros help improve my cardio training and strengthen training program Chad had me doing. I was able to incorporate gym/swim days, and lifting at home (with work and kiddo’s I didn’t have hours to spend at the gym anymore). Chad’s strength training program helped me develop that upper body muscle which help me shave minutes of my swim. Not only did my leg workouts help me become a faster and stronger biker, it helped me become a more efficient runner. I was seeing results with my training, and clothes where fitting better. I was able to look at myself, and see result I wasn’t seeing in the past.

Fast forward to Ironman Wisconsin 2022, it was said to be one of the worst race conditions for Ironman, high of 59, 15-20 mph winds, and rain ALL DAY. With a 7 am race start, Chad, Heather, and their daughter muscled through the elements and came out to support me all day.

I’ve never been a good swimmer, I never felt more confident going into my swim, I shaved minutes off my time. I felt strong during the bike and run, minus the cold, wind and rain. Chad, Heather, and Brynn even found me throughout the bike course and the run, their support and encouragement was amazing specialty on such a crappy day. There were 1374 athletes that started the race, and only 1022 that finished. I’m pleased to say that I finished Ironman Wisconsin 2022, it wasn’t the 13 hours I was hoping for, but with the weather conditions, I just wanted to finish. With the help of Chad and Heathers program and support they helped me achieve this goal, and I couldn’t thank them enough.

They continue to work with me to achieve my second goal on toning up, and losing body fat.