Growing up I had a passion for sports and always enjoyed being active. I was a three sport athlete in high school and continued to be active in college. When I was 17, I started to deal with several health complications that led to different struggles and setbacks throughout the years. My health journey was continuous stretches of ups and downs. It seemed that whenever I thought I was finally making progress, another hurdle was in my way. At a young age I had to learn how to take care of my body, listen to my body, and fuel it properly. 

Throughout the next 11 years I made positive changes to my diet and did several different forms of physical activity including yoga, lifting weights, cardio, HIIT, and even training for triathlons. Even though I ate healthy and exercised, I still found myself frustrated and dissatisfied with my results. My physique wasn’t how I wanted it to be and my weight seemed to constantly fluctuate. Not only did I want to be healthy, but I wanted to feel confident in my own skin. I always promised myself that I wasn’t going to take my health for granted and I was going to do whatever it took to challenge myself and reach my goals. I was determined. That’s when ETI came into my life. 

In October of 2019, I met with Chad and Heather for my free consultation. They spent over an hour with me asking questions about my health history, my current habits, and my overall health and fitness goals. I immediately knew that I wanted to work with Chad and Heather because they took time to build a relationship with me and I felt that they truly cared about me and my fitness goals. 

Through a personalized nutrition and workout plan, I have seen results that I have never seen before. My body composition changed like it never had before. I put on muscle, my body fat decreased, and my physical and mental strength increased. I saw a weight on the scale that I had only seen one other time in my life, I can now do 3 strict pull-ups, and I even saw core definition for the first time in my life! Not only did things change for me on the outside, but they also changed for me on the inside. I found that I have more confidence in myself, I don’t immediately criticize what is wrong with me when I look at pictures of myself, and I am proud of all the goals I accomplished and what my body can do. 

Through my time with ETI, Chad and Heather communicate with me multiple times a week to check in, answer questions, or even give me positive words of encouragement. They do a great job at challenging me to become a better, healthier version of myself. Chad and Heather have helped me to see my own potential in all aspects of life. Thanks to the guidance and support from Chad and Heather, I am well on my way to making my goals and dreams my reality.