I was at a point where I had done the beach body, I’d done the seven-week challenges, I had done all the fad diets, and I hated what I was doing.  I hated working out; I can’t say I liked any part of it.  I had been lifting with only dumbells, but I wanted more.  I knew a friend who had been using barbells, dumbells, and weight machines to exercise, and they were working with ETI Fitness.  I came to you because I wanted to lose weight and build muscle.  I tried to lose the extra 10 pounds I’d been carrying around for years.  What I was currently doing wasn’t giving me any results.  In your program, I learned so much about counting macros and what foods were good for me and what weren’t.  For the first time, I saw actual results.  I now realize that those other programs were just short-term schemes, not real fixes.

Like most people, I got duped into the hype of what they were selling.  For what? Few results and many dollars spent.  I was constantly spinning my wheels, and people seemed to get caught up in that repeatedly.  Thankfully, I found ETI Fitness, LLC.  Chad and Heather changed my life.  They gave me the knowledge I needed to empower myself to take control and see actual results.  Thank you, ETI Fitness, for transforming me more than I ever imagined.”